Canadian Lake wild Rice:

Top quality long grain black rice from the lakes of Northern Saskatchewan and Manitoba.
Available by the Pound or by the Ton. Contact us for pricing.

Dried Morel mushrooms (morchella conica):

Top quality dried morels in small quantities or large volume for export.
Seasonal pricing and availability. Contact us for pricing.

Dried morel mushroom specifications

Tails: Extra’s (less than 1 cm); specials (no tails)
Sorting:  Field run or sized (Mini, Standard, Jumbo)
Quality: no broken, no dust, no burnt black, no foreign material
Packing: exact weights in clear plastic bags (5 or 10 kg each)
Boxed:  sealed in good quality boxes holding 5 or 10 kg each
Delivery:  to our warehouse or to Vancouver International Airport (YVR)

Note:  the closer you are to these specifications,
the higher the price we can pay.

Other mushrooms available in season:

Dried porcinis (Boletus Edulis)

Dried Chanterelles